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♥ Swan Song for Summer

Summer is drawing to a close; leaf-shedding autumn looms.  In truth the Irish weather is such that the transition between seasons is barely perceptible.  I sometimes rail against the lack of sun and a surfeit of rain in these parts but in the wake of hurricane Irene I realize how lucky we are to have a climate not visited by meteorological extremes.  Still it would have been nice to have the occasional opportunity to wear some summery clothes.

Signs that what Keats called the season of ‘mist and mellow fruitlessness’ is almost here are many, it’s cooler, the shroud of darkness falls earlier each evening and leaves begin to tumble when the wind whips up.   As we glide gently into autumn there are many things I will miss about summery days:  eating outdoors in garden cafés, freshly picked local berries, darkly beautiful sunsets, riots of colour in gardens, looking at boats bobbing in the tranquil bay…

Before I started to write this I realized I haven’t had a proper summer holiday this year, so on an impulse I booked a short break.  I am heading west in a few weeks, not unfortunately to America just a few days in a rugged part of Ireland that I have never visited before. Who knows we may have an Indian summer and I might get to wear  a summer frock when I get there.


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