♥ Just in Case

Just in case you have an iPhone, just in case you are not one of the five million plus who have already downloaded it and just in case you have a few seconds, minutes or hours (take your pick) to spare or waste each day, I thought I would tell you about Instagram.

Instagram is a free app for I phone, which allows you to take photographs, the fun bit is you can put the picture through a filter (there are sixteen filters to choose from) to get different effects. It is up to you to decide if you want to make your photos visible to everyone or just allow family and friends to view them. You can send the photographs from your phone to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter…


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2 responses to “♥ Just in Case

  1. C

    B, I have barely mastered the basic bog standard mobile phone. I certainly
    will not be venturing into the I Phone area, but thankfully, I have friends like
    you who obviously are “techies”. If I ever consider getting one I will move in with
    you for a two week intensive training course. C.

  2. C, delighted to be described for the first time as a “techie” – if only I was, life and the blog would be so much easier. Bx

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