♥ Morning Cocktail

Other people seem to have good memories.  I on the other hand have a mass of fragmented facts swirling around my brain, most of which eventually spin into oblivion with just a few cascading into some form of long-term memory.

First thing every morning, I sip a mug of hot water, into which I have squeezed the juice of half a lemon.  I drink the lemon water because of its health giving benefits.  I remember to have the drink, but could I remember in any detail, when I came to write this post, what the health benefits are – no, I couldn’t.  This memory malfunction didn’t matter, as I could of course always look them up.  I was so sure I knew which was the book where I had first read about the lemon water, only to find when I took said book down from the shelf, that there was no mention of the citric cocktail.  I willed my mutinous memory to recall the correct book but drew a total blank.

I did find the following in The Alchemy of Food by Dr Peter Schleicher “Lemons are rich in vitamin C, enzymes and antioxidants. They have a cleansing effect, fortify the immune system and guard against colds”.  Despite my faulty memory I am sure (I think!) that when I first read about lemon water, much was made about how good it is for the digestive system and there was a recommendation the juice should not be drunk without first diluting it in water.

That’s it for now.  I am off to trawl the net to discover what I can take to improve my memory; hopefully it’s small doses of red wine and dark chocolate.


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4 responses to “♥ Morning Cocktail

  1. Mai

    B heard of a brain improving web site recently called Luminosity!! I discovered it through a web site for free courses run by a man from Galway – I think??? The memory not too good either!! No harm in giving things a try. Good luck. Mai

  2. Hi Mai and thanks for your comment. I need to check out this site Luminosity fast, I am going to do it straight away in case I forget! Bx

  3. C

    B, I can match your long and short term memory loss. I have meticulously saved and cut out from every conceivable magazine and newspaper amazing recipes
    which, of course, I was going to cook at some point. So, the other day I was
    having a friend to lunch and thought a particular recipe which I had carefully
    filed in my “recipe folder” would hit the spot. Not only could I not find the recipe
    I couldn’t even find the folder! So don’t feel too bad there are many of us out there.

    • Hi C, I love your comment – it made me laugh and cheered me up. I can so identify with the scenario and can just picture the scene. I am sure what ever you cooked was absolutely fab. and hopefully the folder will turn up sometime. Thanks for this and your other comments. Bx

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