♥ Presidential Visit

Air Force One touched down at Dublin Airport this morning, the President and the First Lady of The United States of America, Barack and Michelle Obama are making a short visit to Ireland.

I still remember the relief I felt when, in November 2008, Barack Obama was elected America’s forty fourth president.  American fiscal and foreign policy can cast either light or long shadows into far-flung corners of the globe.  It was reassuring to know that Obama, an intellectual with a keen analytical mind, was at the helm; his campaign had shown him to be passionate about peace possibilities and conscious that the most prosperous nation in the world has to treat its less fortunate citizens fairly.

The First Lady Michelle Obama is one of my style icons.  She is extremely chic. She has redefined sartorial boundaries for First Ladies.  If you would like to keep track of the First Lady’s fashion choices check out Mary Tomer’s excellent blog Mrs. O click here.  As First Lady she works hard; supporting military families and spearheading a campaign (Let’s Move) to bring together parents, medical professionals and the community to combat childhood obesity.

In a speech in Dublin late this afternoon Barack Obama quoted W.B. Yeats “in dreams begin responsibilities”.  Presidential power of course begets enormous responsibilities, I hope and pray that he will always have the courage to choose the wisest paths towards peace and prosperity.

Note; Both of the photographs in this post are from the White House’s Flickr photostream.

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