♥ Before Blogging

I have blogged now for just over six months and those months have speed by at a spooky rate of knots.  I know I don’t say this often, but I will today, thank you for reading Just Add Attitude, I very much appreciated that you do.

I was trying to remember what my main motivation was for starting a blog but in truth there were lots of reasons only some of which I now recall.  Among them were the following: a challenge, an adventure, and an opportunity to practise writing.  Anyway the reason I am reflecting on the genesis of the blog is that I recently came across a scrapbook of mine from 2008.  Before blogging I used to keep yearly scrapbooks, where I wrote notes about places I had travelled to and into which I stuck cards for restaurants I had eaten in, tickets for exhibitions or plays I had seen, I also made a note of quotes I came across that I liked and scribbled a few lines about books that I had read.

I enjoyed scrapbooking and as I was flicking through the 2008 book this evening I found memories came flooding back, memories of an exhibition at IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art) of paper cut outs by Hans Christian Andersen (yes that Hans of fairy tale fame) and the Valentino retrospective at the Musée de la Mode et du Textile in Paris.  I was also reminded of a favourite George Eliot quote, trips to London, Paris and Cologne and a forgotten beauty tip which is ‘stand up straight posture is everything.’

The scrapbook for 2011 has no entries since the day the blog was born, so I wonder if in a few years time, instead of leafing through a scrapbook’s pages, I will revisit the blogs archives and smile to myself when reading a particular post acts as a trigger which causes something that would by then be filed in the distant depths of my memory to float to the surface.

Note: The top image is a shot of part of an invitation to an exhibition of Stephen Taylor’s paintings held in 2008, it is a detail from a painting by Stephen a young Irish artist.


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6 responses to “♥ Before Blogging

  1. I love that quote too.. it is never too late! well done 6 months. i have a ways to go! c

  2. Thanks C. Well done you too, you are three months in and have a very impressive no of visitors from different countries on your flag counter.

  3. I have been writing the blog for about 2 years. We got off to a very slow start, mainly because I am relatively useless with a computer and I didn’t really know what a blog was. We started it to help visitors to our apartments, but I discovered that I really like writing the blog and it makes me more observant when I travel. I am much more inclined to take notes and therefore remember some of the places we go to – very handy when you want to go back to a particular restaurant.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. I know the useless-with-the-computer feeling well, I nearly tore all my hair out when I was trying to set up the blog, even the simplest thing took me and age, I am a little better at it now but still baffled when I attempt to do something new. Thanks for the encouragement and I will keep going….

  5. I loved this quote too, I think you should keep writing on your Blog, I have just met with you and I would like to read you too. It is always so nice to meet with beautiful bloggers… Thank you for dear Cecilia, because I found your blog’s name in her list. And thank you for you too, with my love, nia

  6. It is such a great quote and thank you so much Nia for your comment.

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