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It is an immutable law of blogging that whomsoever is in possession of a blog will sooner or later publish a what-is-in-my-handbag post. I have managed to blog for just over two years without doing so, until today.

I have a bag wardrobe. By that I mean I have an assemblage of bags suitable for different occasions and not a wardrobe overflowing with a vast collection of them. Now, I am not a hapless fashion victim buying whatever is the latest over-priced it bag. I only have a collection of bags, and definitely not ‘it’ ones , because I rarely if ever send one to the used bag happy hunting ground in the sky, aka the local charity shop.

However there was a gap in my bag wardrobe as I didn’t have one that was ideal for travelling (and obviously general use as well) until I bought just such a thing in this year’s January sales. Post Christmas I wasn’t actually searching for a bag but on a mad impulse I bought the black number by Italian label ‘AB A Brand Apart’ that you see in the image above in Havana (a Dublin boutique). I don’t often break my no-buying-on-impulse rule but the bag was: substantially reduced; the only one left; and made from butter-soft leather. Plus it’s an over the body bag so when I travel I would have both hands free to do other things and although it’s not large it’s roomy enough to fit in most essentials. And I had some money my mother had given me for Christmas (thanks Mum) burning a hole in my pocket.

bag - clutch

There are other things I like about said bag: it had no brand name or logo on the outside; inside there is a section that is a detachable clutch; and there is a Latin inscription on the interior. The inscription reads: ‘Omnia mea mecum porto’. In the distant mists of my teenage years Latin was a school subject but when I dived into the pool of my past I didn’t resurface with an exact translation. So I had to check the trusty (I hope!) interweb to discover it means: “All that’s mine I carry with me”.

That sounds like a good motto for an unmaterialistic life. But I suppose to live by it I would need to get rid of all but one of my bags – *ponders briefly* No, I can’t do it!

Edit: I thought I should mention the bag’s one downside, the leather is starting to look slightly distressed. I suspect because the leather is so soft: I have decided to use the bag from now on for best and travel only.


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10 responses to “Travelling Bag

  1. This looks like the perfect travel bag! Sometimes impulse buys pay off 🙂 I have a somewhat similar black bag that I love to take with me on trips. It’s relatively nondescript and just big enough to fit the basics.

  2. ““All that’s mine I carry with me”. is a wonderful thought
    if the leather is getting cracked I’d give it some substance, like a soft creamy leather thingy (words are escaping me right now!!) But you know that kind, the clear stuff that will enrich the leather not polish it. Either that or drop the makers a line……

    • Thanks Claire for the tip, the leather isn’t actually cracked just looking a bit distressed. I think I will search for a product to ‘feed’ the leather with. I appreciate your helpful comment especially as I hadn’t thought of the creamy leather thingy.

  3. I like the hidden inscription in the bag. It’s like carrying a secret.

  4. I have a large collection of handbags and I plan on adding more! Your new one looks wonderful too 🙂

  5. I always love to see people’s travel bags!!!

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