♥ Horoscopes or Hororscopes?

Certain things are in the air, they seem to float into my consciousness by osmosis. Take for instance Monday night’s full moon and the fact that Mercury is retrograde.  I cannot recall where or when I heard about either event, neither had I any idea what Mercury retrograde meant, so I had a quick look on the net. Apparently it’s an astrological concept, a period when Mercury seems to be travelling backwards and during which things are more likely to go wrong than right. Mercury is retrograde three to four times a year, the current period runs from 30th March to 23rd April.  Phew, it’s almost finished.

On Sunday evening when I was out walking at twilight, I saw a breathtakingly beautiful moon but sadly I had no camera with me to capture its shadowy suspension over a still sea. Last night walking at the same time and in the same place, this time with camera, I caught no glimpse of the elusive moon, just the misty meeting of sea and sky you see in the above picture.

Back home from my nocturnal wandering, my brain whirring with things astrological and astronomical, I decided to check the horoscope page in the Sunday Times’s Style magazine, before I consigned it to the recycling bin.  I am a Capricorn and the prediction du jour started ‘Hopefully you’ve realised you’re in the midst of a period during which plans must be considered a work in progress’ (is that the blog?).  I read on ‘unstable issues coming to a head’  sounded a bit scary.  No mention of fame, fortune or a tall dark handsome stranger.  Oh well.

As far as astrology goes I am neither a true believer nor an outright sceptic.  What do you think about horoscopes?

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