♥ The Third Man

I have always believed that koala bears are warm cuddly creatures who live in peaceful co-existence with the rest of the animal kingdom and of course humankind.   I am afraid to look them up on Wiki in case this is not so.

I have two koala bears. No, of course not live ones!  Both were gifts from friends who had great holidays in Australia.

I  believe  The Universe sends out signals. Life in fact is full  of signs.  The trick is knowing how to read them.  That said if I receive a gift of a third koala bear, I am going to book a return flight to Sydney and explore Australia.  I will ignore the nagging  voice in the back of my head, saying The Universe means me to donate to a Wildlife Conservation Fund, not fly half way around the world!

Do you believe in signs from The Universe?


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3 responses to “♥ The Third Man

  1. I hope you get your third koala.

  2. Thanks for that, I live in hope!

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