Blog Birthday

Birthday Cake

Today, the 1st  of March, is Just Add Attitude’s first birthday. I cannot quite believe that a whole year has whizzed by since I started blogging. My memory of writing the first post is a little hazy. However I do remember, vividly, the post I struggled to put together on Easter Saturday last year. The fates conspired against me and everything went wrong (problems with the images, accidental deletions …) so what should have been relatively simple took well over seven hours. Hair-tearing-out stuff. I was very nearly an ex-blogger.

I enjoy blogging. However I have been on a steep learning curve as I am the least technical of people and everything took an age to come to grips with. There is still a lot I need to learn but I am going to take it step by baby step. Would I recommend blogging? Yes of course I would and here’s why.

  • You have a record of things you have done and places you have visited.
  • You are forced to think about the way you use words and to learn new ones. (A thesaurus is my new best friend).
  • You learn new skills.
  • You observe things that you might otherwise have missed.
  • You get to connect with a marvellous and talented group of supportive fellow bloggers.
  • You do things you might not otherwise have done. (An example, in my case, was going to a creative writing session last week).

So if you think you might like blogging why not have a go – you don’t have to make your blog public if you don’t wish to. You could just use it to update family and friends. I would incidentally, highly recommend my blogging platform; it’s excellent and it’s free.

This past year I have traveled to the south of France, Paris, London, Bath, Kinnitty in the Irish midlands, and to two different spots in the scenic west of Ireland. I have written about a host of different items from the Queen’s historic visit to Ireland to my reasons for liking Mondays. And my slightly expanded waistline is proof positive that I baked (for the blog) a number of calorific cakes. My personal favourite posts from the last twelve months are.

♥ The Third Man here
♥ Retail Therapy here
♥ Chocolate Guinness Cake here

So on Just Add attitude goes: only three hundred and sixty four days to its second birthday. Yay for blogging!



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18 responses to “Blog Birthday

  1. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary!! IT’s been so great to connect online, I look forward to the next year!!

  2. M

    Lovely pic, B – and it tasted as good as it looks!

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog! Best wishes and loads of success in blogging! 🙂

  4. Happy blog birthday!! I agree with all your observations about blogging. I started off very tentatively and wish I was more computer savvy. I would add that you get to meet lots of lovely people through blogging, even if you never get to see them
    It is also my birthday today and the 9th anniversary of our arrival in Bagni di Lucca. I remember standing on the bridge and making the decision to buy a place here. To celebrate I planted my pansies on the balcony.

    • Hi Debra, I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and congratulations on the anniversary of deciding to buy In Bagni de Lucca. Isn’t it funny how there are certain pivotal moments we always remember. I so agree that we get to meet lots of lovely people via blogging.

  5. Happy birthday and enjoy that beautiful cake!

  6. Happy first birthday to “Just Add Attitude.” And many more lovely posts to come. I’ll always be grateful that our chance meeting in that Ireland garden last April led to my own blog. Plus the added joy of vicarious travel adventures while reading yours. Honey sends her congratulations, too!

  7. It is so true about observing and documenting more, it is good for us, keeps our brains awake, and I love your pages, you have such a gentle yet determined way with things.. Happy birthday.. gorgeous cake!! c

  8. Happy Birthday to your blog. I agree with all that you said, blogging adds a wonderful component to everyday life because of all the wonderful friends you meet. Your beautiful cake was a great way to celebrate.

  9. Happy Blog Birthday! I enjoy your writing and I’m glad you are blogging.

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