♥ First Pair of Repettos

Carmel coloured ballet flats

Iconic is an overused word, however when it comes to talking about the Repetto brand it seems an apt adjective.  I am a diehard fan of ballet flats.  I have a couple of pairs of heels which are only wheeled into service when I know I will be mostly seated while I am wearing them.  For everyday life, flats are my footwear of choice: they are perfect for comfortable and unrestricted tripping about without the attendant danger of sore feet.  Over the years I have had so many pairs from different labels but never, until my recent trip to Paris, a pair of Repettos.

Repetto pink ballet shoes

Rose Repetto made her first pair of ballet shoes in 1947 for her son Roland Petit who was then a 23-year-old dancer; he later became a famous choreographer. Her studio was on the Rue de Paix, in central Paris, which is close to L’Opéra (home to the Paris Opera ballet and Paris Opera ballet school).  Repetto may well have continued as a speciality supplier to dancers but for the intervention of one Bridget Bardot.  Bardot, who trained as a ballerina before she became famous as a sultry sex siren, asked Rose Repetto to make her a pair of ballet flats that would be suitable for everyday use.  Bridget Bardot subsequently wore a pair of red Repettos in the Roger Vadim film ‘And God Created Woman’ – et voilà an iconic brand was born.

Changing rooms at Repetto

I bought my shoes at Repetto’s flagship store on the Rue de Paix.  It’s different from your average shoe shop and there is more than a nod to the brand’s role as a supplier of shoes and clothes to the great and the good of the dance world.  For an aspiring ballerina the shop has a dancer-in-wonderland quality: there’s a long barre on the shop floor should you wish to practise plies while deciding what to buy;  the changing rooms are hung with heavy theatre-like red velvet stage curtains; and there’s a row of proper spotlights in front of the changing cubicles should you care to imagine receiving a standing ovation and red roses being thrown stage ward in your direction.

Repettos in an array of colours

The ballet flats are displayed on a  large circular shop fitting and there is a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from.  I settled on the caramel coloured pair you see in the top image.  I love my new shoes.   I strongly suspect that I am going to build up a collection of Repettos in an array of different colours over the coming years.


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19 responses to “♥ First Pair of Repettos

  1. What a delightful post. I love flats and have some very short heels that I wear only for special occasions. This weekend, I went to see the Nutcracker ballet with my daughter, wore the heels, and complained all the way from the car to my seat. : )

  2. i have tried and tried to find a pair of flats that suit my beach feet. Years of no shoes at all resulted in wide flat feet, Those gorgeous ballet flats need nice slim, dainty little feet. Oh How I would love the slim dainty little feet. I am more of a gumboot girl.. (sad face) ..c.

  3. I love the colour and they are so comfortable.

  4. Ooooh, I love Repetto’s!! The photo with the cello I posted today… those are repetto’s, just not the flats, they’re a slightly heeled dance shoe. I love their fit and the quality is incredible.. I sooo wish I could have gone through that store!! You must go back! Buy, buy, buy!!

  5. Unfortunately for my bank balance I probably will buy buy buy – three are just so many colours to choose from. I am off over to ‘yours’ to check out the cello and the dance shoes.

  6. Quelle delicious blog!

    So happy to see your lovely work on our special land-of-instagram too 🙂

    Will visit you again.

    _TG xx

  7. Thanks for your comment. I have have had a first look at your lovely blog and I will revisit it to read through your archives.

  8. I have had a love affair with Repetto ballet flats for several years now! I have been lucky to have traveled to Paris for the last several years..and, each time, I have brought back several pairs of Repetto’s. They are so comfortable,, not to mention utterly adorable! I have found several new pairs online, but, to be honest, the thrill is heightened when I buy them in Paris.

    • Hi Beth I am pleased to connect with a fellow Repetto fan. How lucky you are to have so many pairs I still only have the one pair but hope to add to my collection next time I am in Paris. Yes they are so comfortable and I agree they are also utterly adorable. Thank you so much for your comment and I hope you get back to Paris soon.

  9. WhiteTrinity

    Hi, Lovely post! What a great choice of color for your new flats! I love Repettos as you may have already discovered on my blog. You are so lucky to be living in Europe, close to Paris and all the other fabulous cities! I have to travel over 6,000 miles (or over11 hours) to get there every time…. Cheers, Mrs. J : )

    • Thanks for your comment Mrs J. Yes it is great to be so close to Europe although sadly I haven’t been in Paris since late 2011 – I definitely need to do something about that.

      Best wishes B form Just Add Attitude. 😉

  10. I bought my first pair of repettos today after work. This is after mulling over it for a week. ( with a lot of googling for reviews). I now own a suede cendrillon in purple.

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