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♥ Made by Moi

I have a reasonably optimistic nature.  My glass is usually half full.  One of the side effects of this optimism is that I tend to think ‘ I could do that’. Make a dress, paint a picture, fashion a piece of jewellery – no problem.  I have in the past enrolled in classes to learn to do these things, with varying degrees of success. The life lesson from these classes has been that though most things may be easy to do, the real difficulty is in doing them well.

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♥ Picasso Museum, Antibes

Picasso Museum Antibes

The Picasso Museum in Antibes is enchanting.  I was totally taken by it.  The museum is in the 12th Century Château Grimaldi, a national monument that fronts the narrow cobbled streets of the old town and backs on to the Mediterranean Sea.  The Château has a long history and as its name suggests the Grimaldi family of Monaco once owned it.

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