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♥ My Week That Was

Paper Protest:  Are you, like me, flabbergasted, fascinated and gaga with disbelief, as you watch the unfolding narrative of the dark games News International played, with other people’s lives and journalistic standards?  I normally buy the Sunday Times, but this and last Sunday, as a protest against the sordid shenanigans, I haven’t done so, I don’t expect my puny protest will make jot a of difference, but at the moment it just seems so wrong to buy a paper from the News International stable.  The chattering classes are suggesting a film of the sorry story will be made some time in the future.  As Rupert Murdoch struggles to save his embattled empire and other media outlets shine a spotlight,on the players who strut across News International’s and its parent company News Corporation’s stage,  perhaps ‘Karma Strikes Back’ might be as good title as any for said film.

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