♥ My Week That Was

Paper Protest:  Are you, like me, flabbergasted, fascinated and gaga with disbelief, as you watch the unfolding narrative of the dark games News International played, with other people’s lives and journalistic standards?  I normally buy the Sunday Times, but this and last Sunday, as a protest against the sordid shenanigans, I haven’t done so, I don’t expect my puny protest will make jot a of difference, but at the moment it just seems so wrong to buy a paper from the News International stable.  The chattering classes are suggesting a film of the sorry story will be made some time in the future.  As Rupert Murdoch struggles to save his embattled empire and other media outlets shine a spotlight,on the players who strut across News International’s and its parent company News Corporation’s stage,  perhaps ‘Karma Strikes Back’ might be as good title as any for said film.

Plants:  Trips to the supermarket fill me with a vague foreboding as I wonder, if the powers that be in supermarket-land, have  changed the layout yet again and will I have to spend an age wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles looking for what I want.  In much the same way, large garden centres leave me cold, so when I was in search of plants this week, I considered the extra mileage to the Avoca garden shop at Ashford Co. Wicklow worthwhile.  The shop is small but is well stocked and I usually find what I need there.  They also an interesting range of vintage garden furniture and paraphernalia to look at and best of all there is an excellent café at which to refuel before driving home.

Pesky Cholesterol:  This week I had my annual battery of blood tests.  Everything was fine except for my cholesterol level.  It yo-yos up and down; at the moment it’s 5.7, not dramatically bad but I still need to take some steps to lower it.  I think I eat a reasonably healthy diet but I am going to have to tweak it to include more fruit, vegetables, oats and other foods conducive to cholesterol-lowering.   My doctor recommended I look at the Mayo Clinic website and go to the healthy heart section.  I have had a quick glance and it looks like a great resource; if you would like to check it out, click here.

Talk to you next week.


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2 responses to “♥ My Week That Was

  1. My cholesterol on the high side, the doctor prescribed several medications in a row — all of which made my knees ache. I lowered my count 60 points by losing 5 lbs.; eating healthier, including oatmeal often; sprinkling cinnamon on everything within reason; and taking a Red Yeast Rice capsule once a day — an Asian remedy found in health food stores. At my age, 79, and general good health, the doctor and I are satisfied that my number is now slightly over 200 — once considered pretty good.
    Eileen G.

  2. Thanks Eileen for all that info Bx

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