♥ Breakfast in London: The Parlour at Sketch

The Parlour at Sketch

I think the decor at The Parlour at Sketch is best described as truly madly eclectic; it shouldn’t work but it does.  There is an assortment of different styles of sofas and chairs, covered in a bewildering selection of clashing fabrics, dotted around the large high-ceilinged room.  Tables are of different designs and heights.  The interior is dim despite an array of unusual lights which include vast chandeliers dangling from the ceiling and a large light, made of fibreglass, in the shape of a moose’s head, mounted trophy style on the wall. There is more, much more but I feel The Parlour at Sketch is best seen rather than described.

The Parlour at Sketch

The menus, which are inserted into old books that are left on the tables, are quirkily decorated with quaint illustrations from a 1902 Sears Roebuck catalogue.  I ordered a coffee and a pastry; both were good, as was the service (there are more substantial breakfast options on the menu).  Everything ordered came on or in pretty mismatched  china and the atmosphere was homely and not at all surreal.

The Parlour at Sketch

The Parlour at Sketch is at 9 Conduit Street just off Regent’s Street in central London. Breakfast is served from 8am and an all day menu from noon to 10pm.  Afternoon tea is available and from 6pm to 2am The Parlour at Sketch becomes a cocktail bar (the Sketch website says that The Parlour is members only after 9pm).


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4 responses to “♥ Breakfast in London: The Parlour at Sketch

  1. Did you go to the bathroom at Sketch? I took some photos there last year.

  2. I went to a bathroom but it was not ‘the’ bathroom with egg shaped pods that I have heard so much about.

  3. If ever I had a restaurant it would be exactly like that, I love that kind of gutsy decor.. c

  4. If you ever have a restaurant, I expect the food will be amazing yours always looks so good in the photos on the blog.

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