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Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday

Christmas Collage

Dear Reader,

In a few hours from now (in this time zone) today will silently and seamlessly tumble into tomorrow and that new day will be Christmas day 2012.

On this the eve of Christmas I would like to say thank you so very much for reading Just Add Attitude. And I would like to wish you a happy peaceful and joyful Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas – have a happy holiday.

Love from B at Just Add Attitude


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♥ Happy Christmas

Formality display

Dear reader,

I find it so hard to believe that itโ€™s the night before Christmas Eve and that a whole year has almost passed since I last celebrated Christmas. Time does have a way of skating its merry way swiftly away across a twelve-month.

This yuletide I would like to thank you for reading Just Add Attitude; but most of all I would like to wish you a joyful, peaceful and happy Christmas. If you donโ€™t celebrate Christmas I hope you have a restful, enjoyable and happy holiday weekend.

I will be back *on air* early next week.  Talk to you then.

Love from B at Just Add Attitude.


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