Favourite Things//Five

Bonne Maman Conserve

Red Conserve: I cannot remember exactly when the French brand Bonne Maman’s jams and conserves first impinged on my consciousness but I think I would have discovered them on a visit to France back in the day when the brand wasn’t ubiquitous in supermarkets in other countries. Then the jams and conserves were a treat to be savoured with freshly baked buttery croissants while breakfasting al fresco on balmy days beneath an azure blue French sky. Now that they are so readily available they have lost some of their allure and indeed there are many jams and conserves that compare with or outshine the brand. However for me there is one conserve from the range that is totally unrivalled; I love the Berries and Cherries Converse. It’s simply divine with freshly baked and buttered hot scones.

Pottery elephant

Red Elephant: My red pottery elephant normally sits on window ledge and I find him cheering and happy making to look at. He appeared on the blog previously, when it was in its infancy, as I used an image of him to illustrate one of my favourite sayings – ‘You eat an elephant a bite a time’. So my red elephant now acts as an aide memoire when I am feeling overwhelmed and reminds me that the only sane way forward is to break whatever has to be done into bite size manageable pieces and then simply get on with it.

String bag

Red (with a few other colours thrown in) Shopping Bag: Generally in this the chilly Age of Austerity I am not at all enamoured by tax hikes and new levies. But a levy introduced, here in Ireland, in 2002 is I think one of the better taxation ideas dreamed up by the body politic. A tax on plastic bags was imposed at the point of sale which led to an overnight change in supermarket check out behavior. Consumers started to bring reusable bags to pack their shopping in rather than grabbing handfuls of, the up until then free, plastic bags which are so harmful to the environment. Since the introduction of the charge I have built up a mini collection of levy-avoiding-bags; they range from a large straw basket to the latest addition a small string bag I bought in Merci Paris when I was there late last year.


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12 responses to “Favourite Things//Five

  1. I love that jam and buy it regularly!! I love the color, the label.. and of course, the taste!! Now I’m off to eat some!!

  2. I love the Bonne Maman conserves. I also like their chestnut spread, which we can’t get here in Australia.

    • I have never tried the chestnut spread and I don’t think I could get it here either. The Berries and Cherries flavour is hard to find so when ever I see it I buy a couple of jars.

    • Where in Australia are you? I’m in Brisbane and have seen it at the fruit and vegetable / deli / butcher shop opposite Woolworths at Capalaba Park – or was it Capalaba Central? The one with Woolworths and Coles right next to each other, anyway.

      I was actually doing a google search when I came upon your comment, trying to find out what it tastes like before I buy it!

      • Hello and thank you for your comment. I am not in Australia but living on the other side of the world in Ireland an island at the westerly edge of Europe. It is amazing how far we travel on Google! This flavour in the Bonne Maman jam range is delicious and well worth trying.

      • Thank you very much for the advice, I will be sure to pick up a jar next time I see the chestnut variety 🙂

  3. I love the jams as well. I must have their orange marmalade on a croissant or it isn’t quite right.

  4. This, of course, made me terribly hungry because you mentioned both croissants and scones. I have tried Bonne Maman jam before but not the one you mentioned. I must look for it.

    I think it’s wonderful that people are using fewer plastic bags. We throw away much too much plastic as it is.

    • Sorry about that – scones and croissants as you know are addictive! Yes it is great that people, including me, are not using as many plastic bags I saw the figures (can’t exactly remember them) but the percentage reduction was huge. This isn’t surprising as the levy is 22c per bag.

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