Favourite Colour: Blue

Dalkey Island

Do you have a favourite colour? I do or at least I did. What I mean is that I have recently revised my view of what my favourite colour actually is. My knee jerk reaction used to be to say that green was my most-loved colour. My preference had absolutely nothing to do with green being the de facto national colour in this Emerald Isle. No, the real reason that I like green so well has all to do with the fact that most of its forty shades work well with my pale Celtic skin.

Blue grey sky

What made me delve a little deeper into the part of my psyche in charge of colour preference was the image of Dalkey Island that you see at the top of this post. I took the photo with my iPhone for my Instagram stream (@justaddattitude) and put it through a filter in one of the photographic apps I have downloaded. I am drawn to the image because of the myriad hues of blue in it. I have been in denial; I think blue may well be my favourite colour. This makes sense as I have always been attracted to the sea and other expanses of water and I also love looking at the ever-changing kaleidoscope of blues (ok, I grant oftentimes greys in these parts) in the sky.

I also realized, strangely for the first time, how much I surround myself with different shades of blue: my kitchen and sitting room walls are painted duck egg blue, I write notes for Just Add Attitude in blue covered notebooks, many of the pictures on my walls are blue-predominant and much of my crockery is blue-hued. Wardrobe-wise item that I would find the most difficult to live without is of course a pair of blue jeans. And the most recent addition to my wardrobe is a Breton top, from COS, with blue stripes; when I wore it for the first time I added a blue scarf and some earring with blue stones. The evidence seems overwhelming it appears blue is my favourite colour.

I know blue is a calming colour but I am not sure what else it represents, I need to do some research.

It’s Friday: Happy Weekend.


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12 responses to “Favourite Colour: Blue

  1. Well you have a lovely weekend too, maybe listen to some blues, but don’t get blue. As i write this a big black bird flew into the tree by the window and he has irridescent blue head! (PS I am too tired to look up the correct spelling for irradescent.) ah well.. I am sure you get the picture.. c

  2. Green is my favourite colour also because it suits me and my eyes are a kind of dull green. I am, however, fickle and I really love colour. I love yellow and blue, orange, but can’t wear it and I love pink too. Too many decisions!!!

  3. Blue is my favorite color, too — all shades, including blue-greens. I admit some vanity — the color highlights my eyes. I wear a lot of blue, but prefer earth tones for my home: brown, tan, green, orange… B, your photos are absolutely stunning! Eileen G.

    • Hi Eileen- yes, there are so many shades of blue – I think like you I like all of them. Thank you for the compliment about my photos;I have a lot to learn about photography and I have just started going to a class.

  4. I love the pictures. Green is my favorite, but I’m partial to its near neighbor blue, and its near neighbor purple.

  5. Blue is my favorite color (used to write colour before being Americanized :)) I have two boys, but if I had a girl her room was still going to be decorated blue! I love your photos xxx

  6. Beautiful pictures, and I like the variety of subjects you chose! All good examples of the color blue…

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