Irish Writers’ Centre

Irish Writers' Centre

A couple of Saturdays ago when I was in Parnell Square visiting the Dublin City Gallery I popped into the Irish Writers’ Centre, which is a few buildings down from the gallery, to pick up a leaflet giving details of their creative writing classes. Such was the pull of the place that there and then I signed on the dotted line for membership.

Irish Writers' Centre entrance

The Irish Writers’ Centre is housed in a glorious Georgian building; high-ceilinged rooms, sash windows and intricate cornices are all part of the magnificent mélange. The centre is a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote literature and writing in Ireland. The annual fee is a mere €50 and for that I get: access to the centre where there is a constant supply of tea and coffee plus free wi-fi; use of the library; and a discount on the writing classes they run. The centre is home to a number of writing groups and holds lectures seminars and readings throughout the year (you don’t have to be a member to attend these). And as an added bonus there is a free writing class on Saturdays. Thus I found myself there at one thirty today with pen and blank paper to hand.

The class was held in an airy room on one of the upper floors which had views over a sun-washed Dublin skyline. Sarah who facilitated explained it was not a class per se but a write and share session. We wrote and then the dreaded moment came. I listened awe-struck as others in the group read out the excellent pieces they had just written. I wasn’t at the races but I also knew that it was now or never, if I didn’t pluck up the courage to read my piece out loud I might never return. Deep breath. I rattled out my hastily scribbled strung together jumble of words. I got encouraging feedback from Sarah as well as some recommendations. Deep contented sigh.

posters at the irish writers' centre

As I wandered back through the bustling city streets towards where I had parked my car I knew I had learnt an important lesson. The lesson being that there are no boundaries or borders to the human imagination. I may have known that previously at an intellectual level but today as I listened to people reading out their work I felt it at a powerful emotional level. I am so very glad I went; I will go back.

Note: the Irish Writer’s Centre is at 19 Parnell Square Dublin 1 the web address is


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23 responses to “Irish Writers’ Centre

  1. What a wonderful place and awesome experience! We need to have one of these here… xo Smidge

  2. It sounds like a great experience! Sometimes it takes just a bit of courage to overcome this fear that doesn’t let move on. Great that you’ve found them 🙂

  3. fantastic lesson that, I am so envious, just the idea of having somewhere where you can drop-in with your computer and a library!! let alone classes.. fantastic.. c

  4. How I miss Georgian architecture. It sounds lie you have found a wonderful place to nurture your creativity. I need one too! I’m going to be flowing you from my new blog Just so you know it’s still me xxx 🙂

  5. That sounds like a lovely little haven 🙂 what a wonderful experience!

  6. It sounds wonderful. I hope you share some of your writing.

  7. I am so proud of you! What a brilliant step to take, and a grand payoff. Marvelous, marvelous!

  8. Good for you, B! I need the discipline of a writing class. I keep putting off writing posts for “PerilsofEileen.” Stuff keeps happening to write about. Then I have to decide what’s interesting enough to share and don’t write at all! Have three more days in February to keep my New Year’s resolution. Eileen G.

    • Hi Eileen it’s good to hear from you. It’s so easy to put off writing posts, I know this because I often do it myself. Hopefully you will put up a post soon, alto obviously in your own time and when you feel like it. I hope that all is well with you. All the best B

      • Well, it’s now March, so I’ve broken my resolution to post at least once a month. (You know what’s paved with good intentions!?) I’m feeling fine, fit and happy and so is Honey, now 10 years old to my 80. We keep each other active and healthy, thank God! Fondly, Eileen

      • Hi Eileen I am very glad to hear that you are feeling fine, fit and happy and that Honey is too. Fondly B

  9. Very brave! I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to read something out 😉 xx Daisy

  10. So delighted that you enjoyed it! You’re always welcome at the Irish Writers’ Centre. It was lovely to meet you on the day. If it’s okay, I’m going to share this post on our Facebook. 🙂

    All the best and happy writing!

    Carrie at the Irish Writers’ Centre

    • Hi Carrie and thanks so much for your lovely comment and for making me feel so welcome at the Irish Writers’ Centre. I would be delighted if you shared the post on Facebook. I hope to get back to the Centre soon. All the very best from B at Just Add Attitude. 😉

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