Blogging Syndrome

Pink flowers

I know I haven’t posted anything on the blog for some days. It’s not that I have lost the will to blog. Rather I think I might be suffering from nothing-to-post-about syndrome. Now this syndrome exist only in my imagination but I am sure if some august body were to write it up they would say that bloggers suffering from the syndrome have either nothing interesting to write about or briefly believe they have only to realize seconds before they hit the publish button that it would be of no conceivable interest to anyone else on the planet.

Now that I have self-diagnosed I plan to self medicate with a restful weekend and a dozen (or more!) squares of delicious dark chocolate. I hope this will result in a speedy cure and that I will be back blogging next week.

It is most likely that once cured I will blog to a more natural rhythm, posting at a more leisurely pace and not to a self-imposed I-should-post-x-times-a-week schedule. I am not sure what exactly this will mean in practice but I doubt that I would let a week go by without posting at least once or twice And,of course, it could be more depending on what I see and do.

I appreciated hugely that you read Just Add Attitude (more than you will ever know) and I hope very much that you will continue to do so.

Have a lovely weekend.

Love from B xo


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19 responses to “Blogging Syndrome

  1. Take a little rest and come back when you feel like it. We will be waiting.
    I am trying to set up a new blog just about our village of Bagni di Lucca as my regular one has gone off on tangents. is not behaving as it should yet. I think I need help

  2. You know that I will be here whenever I can, and love every moment spent in your company–but that I can *fully* appreciate what it takes to keep things in constant motion in blog-land in addition to a full life outside of it. So bless you for doing what works best for you and your lovely blog home!


    • Thank you for that Kathryn – I think we all need to do what works best for us in blog-land and sometimes that takes a while to figure out. I love blogging so am not giving it up just recharging my batteries and thinking of post a little less frequently when get back into gear some time early next week.
      Thanks again B xoxo

  3. Oh, I believe it happens with everyone from time to time, so I’m sure this writer’s block will have gone after a nice and relaxing weekend with loads of chocolate and rest 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  4. I think we all suffer from ‘nothing to write about’ syndrome and that pressure that we must produce something of interest that day. I think it’s really just a case of ‘mind over matter’ really because if we ignore those voices, there is always something worth commenting on. Love the image – it looks like Spring has arrived. xx

    • Thanks Charlie Louie for that. I probably do need to ignore those voices. Spring has arrived here and daffodils and other flowers are now putting their heads above the ground which is always a cheering sight. xoxo

  5. Let me know if the chocolate helps. I have a feeling it will…!

  6. Finding your own rhythm is the best. We will be here to listen whenever you are ready to speak.

  7. Enjoy your chocolate and rest. We all worry that our readers might not be interested in what we write but we are such a friendly lot…Please do not give that a thought.

  8. I think you are in good company, and it’s something we all experience and I know I often think the “who wants to know that”, but then blogging is also a lot to do with what YOU want to write about.
    I hope the R&R and the chocolate work their wonders 🙂

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  10. maritesmabugatsimbajon

    Just like me. Beginning is always a challenge. In the oncoming days, I wish to put something up but my mind goes blank. You are doing fine and I am glad I found you here. Keep up the good work! See ya around!

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