Playing with Photos

Yellow flowers

One of the things on my to-do list for 2012 is to learn how to use Photoshop, so to set the ball in motion I downloaded Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Editor from the Apple app store. The quick peek I took at it has left me wondering how I am going to master the myriad transformational possibilities it offers. When I was downloading Photoshop  I also downloaded a couple of other much simpler photo apps. I am not for a nano second going to pretend I have any special photographic skills; I get by using my camera in a basic way. So this is neither a review nor a ‘how to’ post, merely a quick look at what the photographic and the tech challenged (that’s me) can do with a few apps.

Color Splash Studio converts a colour image to black and white.  The fun bit is that you can add back the removed colour using a brush in the app to whatever sections of the image you choose.  As you can see I have added back some yellow to the drifts of flowers dangling over a wall in the image at the top of this post. I think the app may have a few more bells and whistles, which I haven’t yet investigated.


Collage Maker does what it says on the tin, as it’s an app for making collages.  There are six different collage styles: grid circular, free style, heart, classic (different sizes of images constrained with a rectangle) and focus (a variant of classic). You can add text borders and backgrounds and these options can be customized.

Instagram  is a free app for iPhone that allows you to take pictures, apply filters and then share them on a variety of social media. If your Instagram account is public fellow Instagrammers can like or comment on your photo) I am not a dedicated Instagrammer so even though I downloaded it about six months ago I  haven’t put up that many photos. (my Instagram handle is justaddattitude)  The pink tinged image that you see above is the one I like the best from my Instragam photo stash.  I achieved the effect by taking the photo with the iPhone rather than the Instagram camera, I then applied a filter in another app (Inificam) before uploading it to Instagram.

The lesson I have learnt from all this messing about with various apps is that really it would be better if I went back to the beginning and learnt the basic rules of photography. Yet another item to add to my to do list!

Update: I should have mentioned when writing this post that if you are not on Instagram you can view Instagram online – I haven’t done any in-depth research to find the best interface – the one I use is – click here to view my Instagram images.



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19 responses to “Playing with Photos

  1. Oh you are going to have SUCH fun! i have a photo shop fiend of a son so i just ask dumb questions and he sends me the links! So if you get stuck met me know. even just a basic knowledge improves things amazingly.. c

    • Thank you so much for your offer C it is much appreciated. In one sense I think I am trying to run before I can walk, as I know so little about the basics of photography. I will be going back to your blog to reread your recent post stuffed full of good advice on how to take good pictures.

  2. It’s so fun exploring photography apps, isn’t it?? I love your first one with the yellow flowers brought back in, it makes the photo so much more interesting!

    • Although, I think it was likely a beautiful photo of abundant trailing flowers to begin with, wasn’t it?

      • It is fun to explore photo apps, I hadn’t realized there were so many of them until I checked the app store. It was a nice picture to begin with and on reflection it probably wasn’t the best example to illustrate the dramatic effects that can be achieved with the app.

  3. I haven’t looked at photoshop yet. I haven’t been brave enough to tackle it. One day…..

  4. You take such good pictures. I know what you mean about being brave enough, as now that I have it, I have discovered that there is a mind boggling array of choices in the app.

  5. Maria

    Hi there:)
    Your shots are really great, love them:)
    Join us on Facebook (Color Splash Studio group) :
    Share your photography, meet people with similar interests and get to know new hints and tricks)
    Looking forward to see You in our family 🙂

  6. Malou Prestado

    You take very nice pictures and I love the way you play with all the applications available. I would love to learn Photoshop but I do not have the patience for it 😉

    • Thank you. I have such a lot to learn having had a quick look at Photoshop I think I need to buy Photoshop for Dummies so that I can get some handle on how to use it properly. Thanks for stopping by. 😉

  7. These are terrific images! I am with you, a nervous beginner dipping my toe into various digital ‘playtime’ tools with no foundational photography background. But you also have an advantage that has gotten me pretty far, which is a good eye.

    I am spoiled by having two of my sisters working for Adobe, so have been given Photoshop (the whole Creative Suite, designer version) for birthday presents over the years. While I have still hardly touched anything outside of Photoshop in the Suite and am still a pitiful excuse for Photoshop expertise, I find it surprisingly forgiving for total techno-idiots like me, so I hope you’ll have equally large amounts of fun playing with it. Certainly the shots you’ve shared here say that’s already happening!


    • Thank you Kathryn. Although when I look at the wonderful images on your blog I realize that mine are very pale shadows of yours. When I bought my camera I started to use it straight away without checking out all the important photographic stuff – composition etc, so I think I need to take a step back and have a look at the basics. Thanks for saying I have a good eye, the compliment is very much appreciated.

      How wonderful to have the whole Photoshop Creative Suite designer version. I look forward to playing with Photoshop. Thanks also for all that you said in your comment to encourage me. xo

  8. I love the yellow flowers. And I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with Photoshop.

  9. I love yellow flower too. There is so much in Photoshop (even though I am sure I only have a version that is fairly basic) that I think it will be some little while before I learn how to *doctor* photographs properly.

  10. G

    “playing with photos”. wow wow wow what an expression!!!!

  11. I suppose I think of the photo apps as my new *toys*

  12. I dabble with Photoshop, but I find that I love fun little apps like Phototoaster for quick editing. I also adore Hipstamatic on my iPhone (which is like Instamatic but it has cool lenses and pretend film for different types of pictures). 🙂

  13. Thanks for the tips about the apps. I hadn’t heard of Phototoaster before – I will check it out. I downloaded Hipstamatic to my phone a while ago but haven’t really looked at it since – thanks for the reminder.

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