♥ Craft for Christmas

Christmas Pottery Decoration - Geoffrey Healy

This is the first in a series of posts showcasing items that I think would make very acceptable Christmas gifts. The emphasis in the series is on: craft, homemade/handmade items, and independent shops. My hope is that wherever you live in the world that the images might inspire you (if you don’t do so already) to check out locally made beautiful items that are far removed from the madding mass-produced crowd.

Pottery sheep

The craft in question in this post is pottery made by Geoffrey Healy. Geoffrey Healy has been making hand thrown ceramics for over forty years and has had his peaceful studio/gallery/shop on the aptly named Rocky Valley Drive Road in Ireland’s county Wicklow these past twenty years.

Multicoloured healing pots - Geoffrey Healy

Small pottery pots

He is passionate about what he does saying it’s a lifestyle choice and he loves that he is able to live his life around clay and that for him pottery has become part of a spiritual journey. I found the following quote, which explains his philosophy, on his website ‘My intention is to make works that nourish at a deep level while pursuing an energetic beauty’.

Pottery cups and saucers

Pottery mugs

Some of you reading this who live in Ireland may be familiar with Geoffrey Healy’s work. You may have visited his studio but even if you haven’t heard his name if you have eaten in an Avoca café you will almost certainly have noticed the deep salad bowls and the oversized cake plates in that unforgettable shade of Avoca blue; they are all from Geoffrey Healy Pottery.

Pottery car decoration

Just to give you some idea of prices; the mugs are €18, the Christmas decorations (limited stock) are €10, the sheep is €30 the multi coloured pots are €50 and a cup and saucer is €20.

Have a great weekend.

Note: the web address for Healy pottery is http://www.healy-pottery.com


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10 responses to “♥ Craft for Christmas

  1. Oh I would love to give pottery like that to someone special.. the cup and sauce are just right for me though.. c

  2. I have a ceramic cup (no saucer!) and I am convinced tea, coffee and cocoa taste better from it.

  3. The pottery is beautiful. I like to buy hand made things too. I am a bit biased, as I have been a sewer all my life and what is commonly known as “good with my hands”.

    • How lovely to be ‘good with your hands’ and to have sewed all your life. There seems to be a revival of interest at the moment in crafts such as sewing crochet and knitting which I think is a very good thing.

  4. You’ve really reminded me of something… and tomorrow I’m setting off to look at our local pottery. I can’t come over to Ireland, but I will support our local artists! Thanks!!

  5. The pots are gorgeous. I love the earthy colors. Thank you for introducing us to Healy’s work.

  6. Yes I too love the earthy colours. I think I remember from your blog that you spent some time in Japan. It’s a country I would like to visit one day; I beleive they have a very strong pottery traditon.

  7. H

    Loved this piece and this will inspire me to make a visit to this pottery. One of my sisters collected, plate by plate, an entire set of Geoffrey’s very first design. I have just returned tonight from visiting her in Dorset, UK, and the pottery set is displayed on a dresser in her kitchen and it looks just as lovely as the when she first collected it many years ago – it is a very pale grey/white with an exquisite flower in blues and other colours – H

    • Hi H
      I hope you had a lovely time in Dorset. Your sister’s collection of Geoffrey’s ceramics sounds beautiful and how wonderful to have his very first design.

      Thanks, as always, for your comment. Bx

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