♥ The Universe says

Bonkers I know, but when it comes to decision-making I veer between two extremes.  Mode one involves hours of indecisive brooding.  Mode two is when I make an impulsive choice in a nano second.  Some of my best choices have been the split second ones.  I once decided to buy a house without a kitchen or proper bathroom before the estate agent had uttered a word.  In fact I made that decision before he opened the door.  I just knew I loved where it was and that it was so close to the sea.  It was one of my best decisions and I was very sad when I bade the self-same house farewell.

Oh actually, I have a third mode, sometimes I do things just because, well just because The Universe says.  I talked about signs from The Universe in an earlier post see here.  It’s not that I am especially superstitious that makes me wait for a triumvirate of pointers before acting.  Just, I like to be sure!

So here’s how I ended up enrolling in a yoga class this Monday.  First sign; a couple of minor injuries required bouts of physiotherapy . Definitely my body’s way of telling me I need to stretch it out more.  By a  happy coincidence there was an ad for a yoga class on the noticeboard in the physiotherapy  clinic.  Second sign; I bought the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible pictured above, as well as product reviews, it’s full of lots of good tips.  The thing that really stood out was the  paean to yoga.  The authors Josephine Fairley & Sarah Stacey say that to them the most important piece of advice in the book is to ‘just do yoga’.  Third sign; it’s probably my hyperactive imagination but I felt my pink bendy doll, she of the long legs perpetually twisted into the lotus pose, was looking at me in a sad way and silently saying ‘get thee to yoga’.

The class I am going to is Hatha yoga, which is gentle form of the ancient system.  I had forgotten all the multitudinous benefits of yoga. The list is long and includes: increased flexibility, helps tone muscles, builds bone strength, stress reduction, improves posture….

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