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Dublin: The Cross Café

the cross cafe

Painting by John Boyd

When I first heard about the Cross Café, a myriad of months ago, I thought that it sounded ‘just so’ and exactly the type of place I would like. At the time I mentally filed its name and location thinking I really must visit it some time soon. Then the weeks leapfrogged into months and the months into almost a year so I only got to try the Cross Café a few weeks ago. I was not disappointed: in an ideal world it’s the sort of café that every neighbourhood should have.

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Creative Embroidery Class with Maria Tapper

embroidery maria tapper

In the past I rarely described myself as creative, I think that’s because I felt that applying the adjective creative to anyone implied they had stellar levels of talent. And stellar levels of talent, for anything, I definitely don’t have. However, I have finally accepted, what everyone else probably realized all along, that we are all creative in our own way.

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