♥ Favourite Days

Vogue and a cup of tea

My favourite days of the year are the ones that immediately follow Christmas. There is no contest, no other day or days (for me) in the annual calendar holds or hold the same allure as the 26th and the 27th December. They are days for rest and relaxation. They are days when behaviour, that at other times of the year might appear lazy, such as taking cups of coffee or tea back to bed and spending an hour or so there poring over a magazine seems almost de rigueur. They are days when culinary treats, such as a large slice of Christmas cake heated in the oven and served with a giant dollop of cream, which might mark one as an eccentric eater outside the festive season seem perfectly normal edible fare. In short they are blissful, restful, and battery-recharging type days.

Every year I buy myself some Christmas presents which I wrap up and leave aside for opening during the post yuletide days. Naturally I cannot pretend to be astonished to discover what they are when I unwrap them. However as they are often the same shape and size (magazines and books) the exact one that I open on a given day is a surprise and occasionally I have been so frazzled in the run up to Christmas that I have genuinely forgotten exactly what books and magazines I bought in mad pre-Christmas retail forays.

Famaille Sumerbelle tea towel

Ballet Shoes by Noel Streetfield

Downton Abbey

This year’s Christmas presents to myself include: a stack of magazines which if I had tried to read them earlier in the month I would just have had time to skim the surface of all that was in them; three tea towels from the Famille Summerbelle (I am a fan of their colourful and cheerful tea towels and I especially like the pretty Parisian one you see in the image above); a copy of Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield, it’s a book I adored as a child so I am curious to find out what my older self makes of it; and lastly a boxed set of the DVD’s of series one and two of Downton Abbey (I may be the only person in these isles not to have watched the regular television series), I haven’t viewed the DVD’s yet and I hope I haven’t spoiled my future viewing by watching the Downton Abbey Christmas special last night.

I am not a greater watcher of television but I am going to watch the BBC’s three-part (over three nights) dramatisation of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations which starts in a few minutes so I will sign off for now.


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8 responses to “♥ Favourite Days

  1. What a stunning idea to buy yourself pressie for after christmas.. this appeals to me a lot! and heating chrissie cake in the oven? why didn’t i think of that! c

  2. What a lovely tradition. I love the idea of buying books for oneself and wrapping them up. As much as I forget these days, I would be sure to be surprised. : ) I must check to see if the BBC’s “Great Expectations” will appear on any channels here.

  3. I know that forget feeling oh so well. The first episode of Great Expectations was excellent, the BBC do period drama so well; I would recommend it highly if one of the channels in your part of the world show it.

  4. I love your idea of presents for after Christmas. I see so many magazines that I would love to read but know I won’t have time. And you are right…this is a peaceful couple of days to indulge.

  5. Thanks for your comment Karen and yes I so love the days following Christmas day.

  6. H

    Dear B had a lovely day today watching 2 episodes of Part One of Downton Abbey while the wind and rain howled outside in the wilds of County Tipperary. The box set was given to me by my sons for Christmas and I join you as the second only person in the world who has not seen the series yet. So far it is just lovely. I hope the weather is not too good again tomorrow! Hx

    • Dear H,

      I have yet to watch my DVD’s of Downton Abbey. Looking at a few episodes while the the wind and rain howled in the wilds of Tipperary sounds like a wonderful way to pass a cozy afternoon. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one in the world who hasn’t seen the series yet. I hope the weather is Downton-Abbey-watching-appropriate tomorrow; enjoy! Lastly I would like to send you my very best wishes for 2012. Bx

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