♥ Christmas at Bow

Bow Powerscourt

This is the second in a series of posts showcasing items that I think would make very acceptable Christmas gifts.  The emphasis in the series is on: craft, homemade/handmade items, and independent shops.  My hope is that wherever you live in the world that the images might inspire you (if you don’t do so already) to check out locally made beautiful items that are far removed from the madding mass-produced crowd and independent shops that are a world away from the homogenous high street.

Pearl and leather necklaces

Bow Powerscourt, Eilis Boyle

The independent shop in question in this post is Bow in the Powerscourt Townhouse shopping centre.  Powerscourt is not your average miles-of-malls retail centre, rather it’s exactly as its names suggests a townhouse; a Georgian one that was originally built as a city centre residence for the 3rd Viscount Powescourt and was converted into a retail destination three centuries later.

Bow Powerscourt, Vintage, Wendy Crawford

Vintage bag, Wendy Crawford, Bow Powerscourt

Bow is located on the ground floor.  I have written about it before, as it is one of my favourite shops.  Bow has many fans including Draper’s Record who listed it as one of the top fifty inspiring independent shops in the UK and Ireland (that list was headed by retail luminaries such as Browns, The Dover Street Market and Matches).

Bow Powerscourt

You may or may not remember form a earlier post that Bow is co-owned by Eilis Boyle (a talented young Irish designer) Wendy Crawford (a finder of vintage treasures) and Margaret O’Rourke (designer of the MoMuse jewellery range).  I love Bow for so many reason: it’s a peaceful and inspiring space, good customer service is the norm, and the shop is chock full of stock that I would be happy to cart away by the wheelbarrow load. There’s something for everyone and prices start at a very reasonable ten euros for a pearl and leather bracelet.

Bow Powerscourt, Eilis Boyle

Bow Powerscourt, Margaret O'Rourke, MoMuse

Bow stock some very lovely clothes but in this post I have concentrated on gift -y items.  Much of what is  for sale in Bow is made in very small quantities so if you are look for something that’s not run of the mill that you won’t see all over the place, Bow is a very good place to start.

Just to give you some of idea of prices the pearl bracelets start at €10, the lace bows are €45, the cashmere scarves are €120, the vintage tooled leather bag is €125, the vintage beret embellished with a ribbon is €45 and the cushions are: small €17 (two for €30) and large €30 (two for €55).

Happy weekend.

Note: Bow’s web address is http://www.bowpowerscourt.com


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7 responses to “♥ Christmas at Bow

  1. Nothing better for Christmas than a handmade gift, so much thought and effort goes into those!!

  2. A place that wouldn’t be predictable even if visited quite regularly, but has the steady qualities of good service and comfortable, arty ambiance full of handcrafted, eclectic wares? Oh, I do like that sort of shop. I’ll happily pop into Bow one day when I get the chance! Don’t need to wait for Christmas. 🙂

  3. Just a Smidgen and Kathryn thank you both for your comments. l think that something different particularly when it is handmade always makes a good gift.

  4. Such beautiful things! Thank you for showing us. I wish I lived close by.

  5. I love almost everything in Bow. I was only able to show a small portion of what they sell.

  6. So much better than shopping at the big box stores. There’s something about handmade goods – something of the craftsman (or craftswoman) is imparted to the item.

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