♥ A Book. A Queen. A Cake.

When I was thinking, earlier today, about writing this post, I thought it would be about my week that was, but as is the way of the world as soon as I started to look back on what I did this week, my brain took off in a different direction and the planned post morphed into something else.

The starting point of my runaway-though-train was Jane Eyre, which I had finished reading on Monday, as it was this month’s choice for my book club which met on Wednesday.  I recalled that I had seen a short extract from Queen Victoria’s diary printed on the dust jacket of my copy of Jane Eyre, so I took the book down to reread it (the extract, not Jane Eyre).  This is part of what she wrote in her diary on 23rd of November 1880 ‘Finished Jane Eyre, which is really a wonderful book … so powerfully and admirably written.’  I so agree.

Then I remembered that I had seen one of Queen Victoria’s dresses when I visited Bath’s Fashion Museum in August.  Every other dress on display in the museum seemed fashioned for a wearer with a wasp like waist but Queen Victoria’s was noticeably outsize.  My mind then meandered on to thinking about the queen’s reported fondness for cakes and to the one, Victoria sponge, named after her: as it is Sunday, I thought I would whip one up.

I find it is the easiest cake in the world to make; I put all the ingredient in my food processor and whizz them briefly to blend.  I am inordinately fond of food that is quick and easy to prepare and that also tastes good; Victoria sponge ticks all these boxes

Talk to you next week.


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2 responses to “♥ A Book. A Queen. A Cake.

  1. This kind of thinking ticks all the boxes for me: beginning with a great book, taking a side-path off to see the Queen, thinking of her namesake sweet, and heading over to the kitchen because the tangent caused a slight twinge in the sweet tooth. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day to me!

  2. My mind, I suspect like many others, is tangentially inclined. This tangent had a happy result – the Victoria sponge

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