♥ Straw Basket

It’s been sunny (well what passes for sunny in the  changeable  Irish climate) here today but it was more in hope that the fine weather might continue, than expectation that it would, that I changed over from the tote I had been using to my most summer-sun suitable bag.  It’s actually a straw basket bought in Tuscany a few years ago, I have a vague memory that it cost around twelve euros, there were three sizes to choose from and I opted for middle one, in retrospect I wish I had also bought the teeny tiny cute one and the very useful (for shopping) large one.

I already had the leather flower arrangement thingy, which I tied on with a piece of string; it lifts and enlivens up the neutral tone of the basket.  I read a while ago that Jane Birkin (the Hermès Birkin bag was created for her) always adds something to her bags as she says she wants her Birkin to be different from everyone else’s.  Click here to read the article and see a picture of what she tied to one of her bags.

What do you add to your bags?

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