♥ Detox Days

Two things have given this weeks shopping basket a green and healthy look.  Firstly when I put on a pair of my jeans, I discovered that they fitted to perfection; this was not good news.  You see in the two years since I bought them, I have bemoaned the fact that I got the wrong size and that they were too loose, that is until now.  Secondly my energy levels have been low and I suspected it was time to take a closer look at what I am eating and that the day had dawned for a change of direction on the food front.

I knew that my sugar consumption (scones, cakes and other confections) had increased so it was definitely time to cut back.  While I was actioning the sugar reduction strategy, I thought I would see, if I could do something to improve my energy levels, so for five days, starting yesterday, I have cut out caffeine, wheat, diary, sugar, meat and bad fats. The hope is that the end of five days I will have kick started better eating habits.

I am using a slimmed down version of Patrick Holford’s ‘Nine Day Liver Detox’ as a template for my five-day food altering plan.  As well as cutting out it involves adding daily servings of the following: a super green pesto like mix (minus the parmesan), a tablespoon of ground seeds, some onion or garlic, a helping of cruciferous vegetables and a juice or smoothie.  There’s lots of other permitted ingredients to play with to make tasty meals; oily fish, eggs, fruit and veg rice, chickpeas…. I am not sure if there is any scientific or medical evidence to show that detoxing works but I know when I have done it in the past I have felt lighter (metaphorically) and re-energized.

Now I realize news of my detox days may not be a riveting read.  I think I need to get out more, to have entertaining, enriching and enthralling things to write about on the blog. However for the past forty-eight hours the only place I have longed to visit is a coffee shop.  Why is caffeine so difficult to give up?  I know it’s not in the spirit of a detox but roll on Saturday morning when I can once again indulge in a latte.


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4 responses to “♥ Detox Days

  1. I empathise, B. Still feel a bit washed out after bout of bronchitis. Also decided to give up caffeine a few days ago and am now brewing not-bad decaf. However, I over-compensated by dunking FOUR plain donuts in two cups this morning. Eileen

  2. Hi Eileen, sorry to hear you are still below par. Good luck with giving up caffeine. I liked your last post about the duck and her ducklings. I hope that you feel fully better soon. Thanks for your comment. Bx

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