♥ Antibes

The view from plane on its descent into Nice Airport was fairly intoxicating. Rippling sparkly sapphire sea blending into sandy beaches that snaked around coves and inlets, hills hotch-potched with villas and distant green hazy mountains. Suddenly the view changed to tarmac and with a bounce of the wheels and a jerk of the brakes the plane touched down.  Et voilà I was on the Côte d’Azur.

My friend C had kindly invited me to stay with her in Antibes which is just a short hop from Nice airport.  When I reached Antibes I caught up with her in a café on Place de Gaulle. The square has cafés and shops on all sides and in the centre there are serried rows of constantly cascading fountains performing an ever-changing water ballet.

Coffee and chat over we headed not quite for the hills but a little out-of-town to C’s apartment.  C prepared a simple but delicious meal; roast chicken with roasted red peppers and tomatoes, a couple of French cheeses and yummy apricot tart.  Naturally we had some local rosé wine with the main course and with the tart a glass of scrummy orange wine made by C’s neighbour.

Next day I headed off to explore old Antibes.  The forecasters spoke with forked tongue because instead of the predicted rain there was brilliant sunshine.  I walked around the pretty narrow cobbled streets, took in the forest of masts on a mass of boats in the port, paddled in the warm sea that lapped the sand in a sheltered cove beside the old port and visited the Picasso Museum (more about the museum in another post).  Then I met C for lunch in a quintessentially French café.

In the afternoon we headed to the beautiful Cap d’Antibes.  We had a late afternoon glass of wine in the Eden Roc restaurant of the Hotel du Cap. The terrace in the restaurant looks like an ocean-going liner – the setting is spectacular.

On Wednesday we went to Nice to meet with some very lovely friends of C’s for lunch.  There was also time to have a look around the flower market and the shops. Amazingly I managed to wander around the Agnes B concession in the Galeries Lafayette without buying a single thing.

My short holiday was too soon over and yesterday I caught an afternoon flight back to an overcast Dublin.

Note; Orange wine  a speciality of the South of France is made with rosé wine, Seville oranges, sugar and brandy.  I am going to make it when Seville oranges are next in season and will post a recipe.


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2 responses to “♥ Antibes

  1. carol

    Well B, first let me say thank you for your kind comments re the Royal
    Wedding breakfast. Your blog re your recent trip to France was both
    uplifting and depressing all at the same time. Depressing because I wasn’t
    there. It looked spectacular.
    I cannot wait to taste your orange wine – book me in for a private tasting.
    Welcome back to the overcast skies and drizzle, your home,. C.

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