♥ Traveling Tomorrow

I am going away tomorrow.  As I am off to the South of France I had hoped to hit the meteorological jackpot, but when I checked the forecast instead of a row of perfect yellow sunny symbols, I found predictions of heavy rain and low-ish temperatures.

I have decided to take my rather lurid pink rain mac with me.  What it lacks on the style front it more than makes up for in travelling usefulness.  It’s feather light and best of all it turns in on itself and can be packed into one of the interior pockets and the strap you see hanging down in the photo can then be used to carry it.

I am looking forward to my trip, my plane takes off at a very civilized 11 a.m., which is a very pleasant change from middle of the night dashes to the airport to catch pre 7 a.m. flights.

My friend C has kindly invited me to stay with her; it would be hyper rude to be constantly excusing myself to update the blog so there will be no posts  for the next four days or so.  Talk to you towards the end of the week.

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