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Unfortunately in some sort of changing of the meteorological guard the warm sunshine disappeared and today was greyish and overcast in these parts.

I know tempus fugit but please can someone tell me where to.  I left my place this morning to do a few things; visit my Mum, buy some groceries and collect my dry-cleaning, it was an unbelievable 4.30 p.m before I got back and my to-do list for the day had hardly been dented.

I decided not to spend much time cooking and instead ‘made’ a pizza.  There’s no recipe; it’s more of an idea, which I came across in Nigella Lawson’s cookery book Nigella Express.  Here’s what to do.  Preheat the oven to 220°C.  Naan bread is used as the pizza base and you simply  spread it with a couple of tablespoons of tomatoe sauce from a jar and add the toppings of your choice (mine were strips of salami, discs of goat’s cheese and walnuts.)  Cook in the oven for five minutes.  Easy peasy and it’s unfathomably tasty.

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