♥ Happy Easter

The weather has been glorious in these parts over the last few days, mainly warm hazy sunshine.  Today started off with a wintry chill but thankfully the sun came out to cast a glow over everything this afternoon.  The curtain call on the recent sun-bathed days has been a series of beautiful sunsets like the one below. I took the photo as the sun went down over the Wicklow Mountains on Easter Thursday evening.

For Easter Saturday supper I had one of my favourite dishes – fish pie.  I don’t stick to a recipe when I make it.  I usually use salmon, smoked haddock, fluffy prawns, chopped hard-boiled bound together in a white sauce and topped with mashed potatoes made with an obscene amount of butter.  

It seemed that every  second person I saw today was carrying a bunch of flowers, it must be a very busy day in florists’ calendars.

I am not going to eat any chocolate Easter eggs tomorrow, which is probably a good idea after tonight’s calorific and cholesterol-raising supper. Instead I bought myself the yellow plant in the top picture as an Easter gift. It will endure longer than any chocolate.

Happy Easter

Note: Thanks to the talented Lynda from Flowers by Lynda (www.flowersbylynda.ie) for letting me take pictures of her Easter flowers and Easter herbal window boxes.

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