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Reading and Writing (no Arithmetic)

henry jame's portrait of a lady

I have recently finished reading Henry James’s ‘The Portrait of a Lady’; it’s the very first Henry James novel I’ve tackled *hangs head in literary shame*. It’s the current choice of my book club and as we meet only every other month there’s lots of notice about forthcoming books so they shouldn’t be time-pressured reads.

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Public Speaking & Toastmasters


Generally when I tell someone that I am a member of Toastmasters (Toastmasters International, TI for short) I get one of two reactions depending on wheather the person I am talking to has a notion of what Toastmasters is about, or not. When I tell someone, who has no previous idea about Toastmasters, that it is a public speaking club I often get an OMG reaction something like OMG why would anyone want to speak in public unless it was totally, absolutely, and almost barrel-of-a shotgun necessary.
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♥ Alternative Christmas Gifts

Christmas window Paris

Today’s post was meant to be about something else but as is the way of the world I ended up devoting time that I had set aside for blog writing to something entirely different.  The hours sped by and all of a flash the planed post was toast.  Let me explain and bear with me while I veer off piste on a minor digression before I arrive at what I led you to expect when I typed this post’s title.

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