♥ Summer Tote

A couple of weeks ago when the weather started to get a little warmer I swooped over bags, as the one I was carrying around had a distinct wintry feel. I bought the camel tote, you see in the image above, earlier this year in the January sales at a respectable fifty percent discount.

I really like the soft buttery leather and I am hoping it will look even better when it has been broken in. It has most things I need in a daily bag. It holds a multitude although in deference to my shoulder and my posture I try to just put in what I need on any given day. It has a wealth of internal pockets so I have been able to separate out everything and I am spending much less time rummaging for my mobile when it rings.

I love the studded details; moons, stars and hearts are among my favourite symbols. I bought the tote in Agnes B so there is a small b in the bottom right hand corner (it’s hard to see, you will have to squint) which I especially like as B is the initial of my first name so I feel as if the tote was monogrammed especially for me.

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