Snapshots of my Saturday

I often, thought not invariably, work on Saturdays. However, today was a work-free Saturday so I decided to go into town, town is as I mentioned before, is what the denizens of Dublin call their metropolis despite the fact that it’s a city.

I started the day with a coffee in Fallon & Byrne which is sometimes compared with New York’s Dean & Deluca. There is a section on the ground floor with a deli/coffee counter where you can sit and imbibe your choice of caffeine fix. Mine was a soya latte and it was good. Reports of the demise of the dinner party in Dublin, in these recessionary times, are methinks much exaggerated as I spied several people scooting about with baskets and small trolleys filling them up with what looked suspiciously like food-for-entertaining-friends-on-a-Saturday evening.

I checked out what was left in the sales and gave thanks to the shopping deities that I am so over buying things just because I spy a sign saying ‘reduced by seventy percent’. Unless of course they suit me, fit me, and are items I am likely to wear loads of times; today nothing fitted those descriptions.

I discovered a shop, called The Cloth Shop on Johnson’s Place off South King Street which sells both curtain and dress fabrics, that is newly opened since I was last in town. Dublin is a bit of a desert for those searching for dressmaking material and haberdashery so I suspect it will do well.

I had lunch in L’Gueuleton on Fade Street. I ordered the plat du jour (corn-fed chicken with a baked potatoe and red cabbage slaw). It was good, not sublime, but definitely good. Best of all, the price of the dish was An Age of Austerity friendly โ‚ฌ13.95 and that price included a glass of wine.

I went into the Irish Design Shop on Bow Lane East to have a look around and ended up buying a small blue pottery jug by Dunbeacon Pottery. I have a thing about small jugs. I use them not as jugs but as mini vases. This one is perfect for the kitchen worktop.

I walked through the grounds of Trinity College before I headed home …

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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12 responses to “Snapshots of my Saturday

  1. I love that fabric with the birds! I want it.

  2. Sue

    Fabrics! Yes…great photo!

  3. I dearly love going on these excursions with you. One of these days, I will return to Dublin and spend some time there. And I hope we can meet.

  4. I very much enjoyed joining you on your outing in Dublin.

  5. I use jugs for flowers too! That’s a pretty arrangement.

  6. I would love a cup of that coffee!! And your blue jug.. it’s so pretty, I think I would have bought something at that store as well:)

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