Packing. Panicking. Traveling

The weather today in these parts was a mix of sunshine, bouts of rain and the odd shower of hailstones. This, believe it or not, is a vast improvement on the rain-sodden mist-smudged days which have been the norm of late. However I am still very glad to be heading tomorrow, for a short break, to the warmer climes of the south-west of France.

I have almost finished packing; I am panicking because I am flying with Ryanair. Those of you who use them will know their ultra strict policy on the dimensions of hand luggage permitted on board. A fraction of a centimeter out and you will be luggage -napped at the boarding gate and required to hand over a ‘ransom’ of fifty euro or so before you are allowed on the plane. My case is tiny but I am afeared to measure it as I have a sneaking suspicion it might just be a tad in excess of what Ryanair allows. Tomorrow will tell.

To catch my flight I will have to get up a little before 4 am tomorrow. For someone who is ultra fond of eight hours sleep this is not at all easy, so I best head for bed very soon. I will be back ‘on air’ again mid to late next week.

Happy weekend!


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8 responses to “Packing. Panicking. Traveling

  1. Have a great trip! I look forward to hearing about it when you get back…

  2. Happy travels – and wishing you good luck with the budget airline, having travelled between Gatwick and Geneva more oftne than I’d like to remember I kno wexactly what you mean!

  3. SurreyCousin

    You know the trick is to wear as much as possible and pack as little!! Enjoy!!!

  4. Enjoy your time in France.

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