♥ Day Trip

I spent the day in London; it was as busy and buzz – y as ever. The weather was good; the sun beamed brightly down, the sky was a clear bright blue and it was unseasonably hot.


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4 responses to “♥ Day Trip

  1. Oh I miss London, you didn’t happen to see my daughter tripping about in her outrageous shoes did you? she works over there.. I must pop over and see her soon! c

  2. C I am not sure if I passed your daughter in London! Who knows it cold easily have happened. I hope that you get to see her soon.

  3. Ahhh, how I long to get back to London! You’re making me itch to grab my passport and run!

  4. Thanks K – I love London and I am lucky that a flight there from here takes just an hour.

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