♥ Autumnal Sunday

Today had an autumnal feel in these part, the sky was daubed with grey-grained clouds, there was a chill in the air, and when I looked up at trees I saw that their leaves were on the turn.

I started the day by meeting my friends A and C for breakfast, the breakfast was good as was the catch-up chat.  I am now contemplating what I should pack as I am going away tomorrow for a short sojourn in the west of Ireland; sadly the weather forecast is distinctly unpromising.

Whinging about the weather seems so inappropriate today.  Who could have foreseen that the date 9/11 would become so indelibly imprinted on our consciousness.  Earlier, I watched the television coverage of the moving, sad and sombre memorial service held at Ground Zero in New York to mark the tenth anniversary of the September 2001 attacks.  As part of it Paul Simon sang the Sound of Silence, the song never sounded so poignant to me, the phrase ‘Hello darkness my old friend’ took on a whole new meaning as I thought about those left grief-stricken in the wake of 9/11…


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2 responses to “♥ Autumnal Sunday

  1. Who can ever forget seeing those planes hit the towres? I sat for days in front on TV, just wishing it was only a movie.

  2. I agree I don’t think anyone is going to forget those terrible images or what they were doing when they first heard about the attack.

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