♥ A Bear and a Spreadsheet

I have looked at my unnamed teddy bear (I never got around to christening him) a great deal more than usual this week; I suspect as a reaction to watching Brideshead Revisited (the movie) last weekend and seeing Sebastian Flyte with his bear Aloysius.  Yes, I know it’s been out for an age but I am only just getting around to catching up with a raft of films I missed when they were first released.

Now on to something completed different but trust me there is a tenuous connection.  It may be a sign of incipient insanity but from late 2009 I have kept a clothes spreadsheet, diligently entering the cost and details of everything I bought since then and daily updating the spread sheet on the basis of what I am wearing that day (clothes purchased pre the end of 2009 are not included as it would have been impossible to remember when I purchased them and their exact cost) to arrive at a cost per wear figure.  It’s not time-consuming, it takes about 15 seconds to enter each new purchase and a similar amount of time daily to update the sheet.  It ‘s extremely satisfying to see the cost per were reduce the more I wear something but also very sobering when I look at the per wear cost of items worn infrequently.  I think that the only sane conclusion from studying the spreadsheet is that I have too many clothes; I have in mind as a project for next year to buy less and to properly sift through my closet and remove the bulk of rarely/never worn items.

Now back to the nameless teddy and the tenuous connection.  I bought his blue-striped shirt in Camden Passage in Islington when I lived in London, if I were to work out the cost of the shirt per sq cm it could well be the most expensive separate I ever bought. However unnamed teddy has worn it every day (except for sporadic-shirt-washing-days) since 1990, so on a cost per wear basis it’s almost certainly  my best buy.  Sadly nothing on my clothes spreadsheet comes anywhere close.

Is there anyone else out there who keeps a cost per wear spreadsheet?


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4 responses to “♥ A Bear and a Spreadsheet

  1. i would love to but even the word spreadsheet strikes terror into my heart, what a brilliant idea.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tabitha. I actually enjoy updating it even though I have no special affinity with spreadsheets.

  3. c

    Just one comment B on your beloved Teddy. Either you were a size zero in 1990 ot Teddy is bigger than he looks! C. Really enjoying your blog. Keep them coming. C xx.

    • Hi C,
      I am laughing out loud, there is no way I could squeeze into that shirt now or even on the day I was born! Teddy is tiny. I found the shirt in a shop that sold vintage toys and had a small selection of teeny tiny clothes for dolls and teddies. I think in future I need to check what I have written before I push the publish button to make sure it makes sense.

      Really nice to see you yesterday. Bx

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