♥ Vanity Fair

I don’t often buy Vanity Fair, not because it isn’t an excellent magazine with well researched, informative articles as well as a slew of pictures by talented photographers but because if I were to cave into to my desire to buy all the magazines I like, I would live surrounded by leaning tower of Pisa-likes-stacks of old magazines.

I bought the September issue of Vanity Fair because I wanted to read a profile in it, of French designer Agnès B (I wrote about my love of her clothes here).   Agnès B is a successful designer and retailer who doesn’t believe in advertising, so it is rare to see editorial coverage of her or her clothes, in one of the glossy magazines, as I suspect they mainly reserve editorial coverage for those who have large advertising budgets to spend with them.  The profile was a good read; an overview of a life much more than ordinary and dwelt on the many ways in which she and her company give back to society.  Naturally the article mentioned her aversion to advertising. I love Agnès B clothes (for their casual simplicity and timelessness) but they are at the top end of high street prices, so when I reflect on what a marketing/advertising budget would add to the cost of the clothes to the consumer I am glad that Agnès B is ad phobic.

The September issue of Vanity Fair also features The 72nd International Best-Dressed List. In case you haven’t heard the women on it include: The Duchess of Cambridge, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Tilda Swinton, Christine Lagarde, Princess Charlene of Monaco…..The Huffington Post has pictures if you would like to see them click here.

Note; the photograph of Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Vanity Fair was shot by Mario Testino.

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