♥ God, Mammon & Jeans

God Mammon and jeans are an unlikely Saturday morning troika, I had better explain.

The headline in the paper I was flicking through said ‘Church preaches against pay excess’. Intrigued I read on.  The church in question, the Church of England, is going to vote against extravagant bonuses for executives, according to the article the Church Commissioners have a £5.3 billion portfolio, so their wish ‘that people should be paid what they are worth’ may well come to pass .  While I was reading this the radio was burbling away in the background and the talk was about the London flat sold for a record £135 million.  Now apparently  that’s just for a shell so the owner is planning on spending a further £60 million on the interior.  And oh yes, the jeans, well  part of today was set aside for a mission to find a Summer pair.

I have shopped around for  the right pair of  jeans for a while without success.  Today I decided to drive to the Kildare Outlet Village and I am glad I did as I found the perfect pair.  Now my only worry is did I get the right size.  I sometimes get the size that fits in the shop only to discover that a week later the jeans are too loose, today I opted for a pair I had to squeeze into. Here’s hoping they stretch to perfection.

Bye for now.

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