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♥ Souvenir

Souvenir is one of only a handful of words in the English language that I don’t have to look up to discover its origin, it comes of course from the French word ‘souvenir’ to remember.

I find that holidays or trips away are quickly forgotten once I return home and re-immerse myself into daily routine.  Even so, I am not a great souvenir buyer, particularly of the kind found in emporiums dedicated to flogging a mass of tat to tourists.  Occasionally I happen on something that speaks to me and that I know will evoke happy memories of a time spend in a distant or maybe not so distant but different place.

One such thing is the enamel tree that I bought on my recent visit to Bath.  It’s by an artist called Janine Partington who lives close to Bath and I found it in a shop/gallery in the Upper Town.  I have put it at eye level in front of some books on one of my bookcases so I can see it every time I pass by; come December I plan to move it and use it as part of the Christmas decorations.  At £45 it was a tad more expensive than a stick of rock or an ‘I love Bath t-shirt’  but it is a handcrafted piece that will last a lifetime.

What are your favourite holiday souvenirs?


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