Makers & Brothers & Others

makers & brothers

I don’t doubt that, half a century hence, when someone sits down to write the annals of design in Ireland in the early part of the twenty-first century that the names of Jonathan and Mark Legge will be writ large in that history.

makers and brothers and others

Jonathan and Mark are the duo behind Makers & Brothers and yes, they are brothers: the makers are a carefully selected band of talented designers and craftspersons whose wares the brothers sell. Jonathan and Mark describe Makers & Brothers as a retailer of ‘everyday design and craft’ which sums it up to perfection. I have written about them before see here.

makers and brothers and others

Jonathan is a designer and Mark is the business brain although I am sure these roles alternate at times. What makes Makers & Brothers special is not just the talented curation of the works of mainly Irish makers but also the way they showcase these items in a space (be it online or real-life) which enables those items to ‘breathe’ and allows for a full and unbridled appreciation of them. Interestingly they sometimes collaborate with a maker to tweak an item to bring it closer to design nirvana.

makers and brothers and others

Markers & Brothers is predominantly an online shop but since the brothers started the business, three years ago, they have run pop-up shops at different times in Dublin, London, and New York. And they pop-up regularly at the über stylish ‘shed’ in the grounds of their parents charming period property in Monkstown.

makers and brothers

Makers & Brothers & Others is their latest venture: it’s a pop-up ‘tiny department store’ open from now until Christmas Eve. The small-scale department store is divine, it sells most of the items available from Makers & Brothers on-line shop and a selection of items from some carefully chosen other makers.

The ‘Others’ in this seasonal pop-up include:

makers and brother and others wildflower bakery

makers and brothers and others

The Wildflour Bakery: a mini in-store café selling delicious edible sweet treats made by Kate Packwood and coffee from 3FE.

makers and brother and others

Petria Lenehan: designer Petria is selling her current season’s range of stylish and timeless clothes.

makers and brothers

Donna Wilson: a Scottish textile designer with a playful style and a talent for graphics.

makers and brothers and others

Aesop: the cult Australian beauty brand, which until now hasn’t been available for sale in Ireland. I suspect it was quite a coup for the brothers to get Aesop on board.

makers and brothers and others

I spent a long time in ‘the tiny department store’ drinking in the ambiance and admiring the stock. The interior is so lovely and total kudos to Jonathan and Mark for getting it so right, it’s a object lesson in understated chic and its seeming effortlessness belies the extraordinary attention to detail that went into making it ‘just so’.

makers and brothers and others

I have no doubt I will be back to the pop-up many times before Christmas to shop, to search for interior enhancing ideas, and to sample some more of The Wildflour Bakery’s delights.

makers and brothers and others

The ‘tiny department store’ is at 5 Dame Lane a pedestrian way which runs parallel to Dublin’s Dame Street. Makers & Brothers are online here.


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19 responses to “Makers & Brothers & Others

  1. How wonderful, I love artisan shops whether online or an actual physical business. This looks like just the kind of place I could spend a lot of time and money in,I love supporting local businesses, artists and artisans,

  2. What a lovely little shop/space. I like the idea of pop-up or temporary shops; keeps the shopping experience fresh and interesting.

  3. What a wonderful idea Makers & Brothers came up with! The photograph of the pottery mugs looks lovely. I just started a pottery class a couple months ago and I find that I appreciate hand made items all the more now! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Firstly I wish you joy at your pottery class. I did one a few years ago and enjoyed it a lot even though my ‘creations’ were a bit suspect and wonky. Doing a class gives you a feel for the endless hours of practise it must take before a potter can create something beautiful. 😉

  4. It must be so enjoyable visiting their shop – everything they show is lovely!

  5. How lovely! Totally my kind of place. I will “wonder” for hours carefully selecting my purchases. I love, love the wooden small vases! 🙂
    Have a great weekend, B.
    F. Xx

    • Thanks so much Francesca for your weekend good wishes, and I hope that you and Stefano and, of course, ‘her majesty’ are having a good weekend. The ‘tiny department store’ is so my kind of shop. I too love the small wooden vases, a lot – I am going to go back this week to buy one. 😉

  6. Lots of delightful enticements, but as you might guess, for me perhaps the most enticing are those cakes and sweets! 😀

  7. Dear B, a very interesting post and a very interesting concept: I’d certainly spend time in the bakery section and I’d love to buy one of those Irish honey boxes 🙂 Also, super well done with your coverage of the store: lovely photography, dear B! 🙂
    All the very best,

  8. Fabulous looking store. I like the idea of buying goods made by local craftsmen and craftswomen. It looks like there are many gift ideas for the holidays.

    • I too love the idea of buying from local craftspeople. I think when you do not only do you get a beautifully made item but you also feel connected to that item because of the skill, creativity, and love that went into making it.

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