An Instagrammed January and a Blogging Break


January was a chilly month unless, of course, you live in the Southern Hemisphere. Chilly is relative but used as I am to Ireland’s temperate climate I felt the cold bite as temperatures dropped to zero or a little below. Brrr.

PicMonkey Collage

It snowed a bit where I live – a silent, fluffy, flurry of flakes drifting past the window but as it was snow of the non-stick kind it didn’t create a winter wonderland waiting to be peopled with carrot-nosed snowmen. But despite the snow, the chilliness and much grey rain my Instagram feed for January has many images which show clear blue skies and sunshine.

Photo 2

As the month marched onwards there was a welcome lengthening of the days, a lengthening as imperceptible as the movement of the hands on a clock, yet noticeable none the less with an extra hour plus of daylight by the end of January. I love looking at the sun sinking at the end of the day and it is wonderous that nature so often fashions painterly landscapes from the dusky twilight.

It’s time to tell you that I am taking a month-long blogging break – I feel I need to recharge my blogging batteries and I also need to devote more time and energy to some of the tasks on my long list of things-that-must-be-done in 2013.

Have a good February – talk to you on the 1st of March!


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35 responses to “An Instagrammed January and a Blogging Break

  1. Love your pictures! Enjoy the ‘month off.’ Cheers!

  2. Beautiful photos! Have a lovely break. You will be back for my 60th birthday…1st March.

  3. Dear B.,
    We are certainly going to miss you. Enjoy your time off. We’ll be here when you are ready to come back. πŸ™‚

  4. Everyone needs blogging breaks though few may recognize that truth. Enjoy your break knowing we shall warmly welcome you when you return.

  5. enjoy your break! and talking winter, do you want to see the snowdrops in my front garden? i can’t believe they started to come out like at the start of january! in the freezing days in the middle of january, i thought they are gone but no, they survived. see you in march.

  6. Your pictures are lovely! Enjoy your break too πŸ™‚

  7. Lovely writing and pictures. May you have a month of deep refreshment.

  8. Have a marvelous, peaceful blogging holiday!

  9. Lovely photos – have a good break and I’ll look forward to seeing you again next month πŸ™‚

  10. Enjoy your break, B, and keep photographing: those are nice images!
    Read you next month! πŸ™‚

  11. our celtic soul relishes your photographs, always.


  12. Enjoy your break from blogging…we will all be waiting patiently until your return.

  13. β€œYou’re off to Great Places!
    Today is your day!
    Your mountain is waiting,
    So… get on your way!”
    (Dr Seuss)
    Enjoy your lovely break.. it’s just the best because then you come back to us with new stuff and a new you! Have fun!! xx (but we will miss you!!)

  14. we didn’t follow the rules (such as they are – we know your blog is Huge and it’s meant for smaller ones) but we’d love your responses to our Questions here (scroll down):

    • I am honoured by your nomination. Truly I am. You are very kind (how do I know – I sense it when I read your posts). Please, please forgive me as I am going to break most of the rules. Well all of them actually. I had a prima-donna moment when I started blogging and decided not to *do* awards so I have said no to others and I fear I must be consistent.

      With very many good wishes from B in the Emerald Isle.

  15. I’m playing catch up .. but wante dto say what a great selection of images. And you are right watching the sun sink below the horizon is always special. Wonderful words and images!

    • Thanks Claire for the compliment. It’s lovely to watch the sinking sun. I only discovered when I went to a photography class, you probably know already, that the hour around sun-up and sun-down is know as the golden hour and is a great to take photos.

      • That’s the expression! But to be honest I think of it in terms of me, and just sitting and watching the world wake up or go to sleep – I could never get bored of watching and wondering!

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