An Instagrammed October

October swished by very quickly like a speed skater slicing across the ice. I spend the first three weeks of the month anticipating my holiday in Italy and the last week of said month enjoying it.

My anticipatory thoughts were, of course, of warm sun filled days. When I awoke on the first morning of my holiday I looked out from my hotel window at the lovely view of lake and mountains and saw the sun shimmering on the water so I donned a pair of chinos, a stripy tee shirt and ballet flats. Mistake. I should have looked closely at what the female natives were wearing when I looked out of the aforementioned window. I found on closer inspection that their last-week-of-October-uniform was: cosy padded jackets, often fur-trimmed, worn with skinny jeans tucked into stylish leather boot. The sun may have shone but it was teeth-chatteringly cold. I felt as chilled as a polar bear minus his coat as I crossed Lake Como by boat to the pretty hilly town of Bellagio. Thankfully I had packed some jumpers and a scarf so I was suitably muffled up for the rest of the holiday.

Looking back at my Instagram feed for October, aside from my holiday, I remember: a drive through the Wicklow Mountains, an unseasonably sunny afternoon spent in the village of Howth in North Dublin where I wandered around the harbour while looking at white-sailed boats bobbing in the water, how little things like the butter to go with a scone being heart-shaped can be so cheering, lunch at The Anglers Rest – a pub located on a particularly pretty stretch of the river Liffey, golden autumnal colours …

And so we move on hurtling, now that Halloween is past, rapidly towards that winter festival. At the risk of sounding like The Grinch maybe the best thing about Christmas (for those who celebrate it) is that it comes but once a year.

Have a good weekend.


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11 responses to “An Instagrammed October

  1. I adore that heart shaped pat of butter, how delightful.. c

  2. What a pity it was cold for you in Lake Como. Spring is gorgeous there, perhaps you could go back…..I want to.

  3. A whirlwind month with lovely images.

  4. I loved your instagram feed! Did you know Instagram has paired with Facebook and soon will have a computer on-line presence! I’m so happy about that, because I don’t always want to sit and stair at my phone!! xx

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