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Alice in Wonderland

‘It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.’  said Alice of Alice in Wonderland fame.  It is indeed eerie how we change imperceptibly each day, moulded into someone different, as ever-changing experiences impinge upon our lives.  Scary too is the rate at which our faces alter and although the features may be a constant, a glance in a mirror will show you a reflection that is a notably different from the one  you saw a decade ago.

Cosmetic surgery is often seen as an antidote to ageing and a way of reversing the ravages of time.   The question is would I submit my face, purely for reasons of vanity, to the surgeon’s scalpel.  At the moment the answer is an unequivocal no and I hope that it will always be so.  However being of ‘un certain age’ I am always trying to look as youthful (in an age appropriate way) as possible;  below are some of the strategies I use.

  • Wearing pearls from time to time, they reflect light, back on to the face.
  • Wearing scarves, they hide a multitude.
  • Wearing a sort of fringe (bangs), a cheaper and safer alternative to Botox.
  • Eating a healthy diet, we are after all what we eat.
  • Practising yoga, the ancient system of exercise know for its anti ageing benefits .

What would your answer be to the question – would you or wouldn’t you?


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2 responses to “♥ A Question

  1. I happen to think I’m nearly as fabulous as you are, so why on earth would I let a surgeon muck about with my body in any way not required by a dire emergency and charge me a fortune for the privilege? I’ve *earned* my wrinkles and grey hairs, thankee!

    As for the “non-surgical” alternative of Botox, as a person who has to get Botox injected in my vocal cords periodically for therapeutic reasons and who’s had a wonderfully unpleasant reaction once when something went slightly awry with the usual application, I can’t imagine ever voluntarily putting that toxin anywhere else in my body! Yikes. I can think of so many *deeply* more entertaining and enjoyable ways to risk life and limb! 😀

  2. Thanks K for your thoughtful comment. I am sorry to hear you have a problem with your vocal cords. How awful to have had a bad reaction to treatment – I hope that never happens again.

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