♥ Afternoon Tea with a Writer

The Istanbul Puzzle by Lawrence O'Bryan

Irish writer Laurence O’Bryan is the author of the Istanbul Puzzle. It’s his debut novel and the official publication date is the 19th January 2012. Harper Collins (Avon imprint) the publisher of The Istanbul Puzzle have signed Laurence for a three-book deal. The book will be available, at launch, in eight countries they are: Ireland, Australia, Canada, Greece, Italy, New Zealand,Turkey and the UK. (Greece, Italy and Turkey in translation obviously). Harper Collins describe the book as ‘an electrifying conspiracy thriller which will entice fans of Scott Mariani, Sam Bourne and Dan Brown.’

Now would that Just Add Attitude wielded such influence that talented Irish writers were happy to make themselves available to discuss their work with me. The truth is Laurence is my cousin so thus I was invited to afternoon tea with him and his lovely, stylish wife Z on one of the post-Christmas days.

Afternoon tea

I am delighted that Laurence gave me a pre-publication copy of the Istanbul Puzzle.  It says much about the pull of the novel that I stayed up, fighting tiredness, until 2 am this morning to finish it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a fast paced thriller and a rattling good read; Laurence is an excellent storyteller who has an atmospheric way with words. The protagonists are Sean Ryan (a founding director of the Institute of Applied Research in Oxford) and Isabel Sharp (who works for the British consulate in Istanbul). They meet when Sean goes to Istanbul to identify the body of his colleague and friend Alex, who was brutally murdered while he was in the city working on a project for the institute and so begins a suspense-filled story that sashays between London and Istanbul.

I asked Laurence what advice he would give to aspiring authors, he said: to never think of giving up; be willing to learn and willing to change your writing; and that it helps enormously to have a supportive partner

Laurence writes a blog, click here to get to it, which is full of information that would be useful to writers who hope to find a publisher.  To find the posts on writing look for the ‘My journey from aspiring to published author’ which is at the top of the home page and click to read the archives.

The Istanbul Puzzle is available to pre-order at Amazon.co.uk (for global delivery). It will be in bookshops on the 19th January. The launch party is on the 18th January at Dubray Books on Dublin’s Grafton Street at 18.30. Laurence is extending an open invitation to anyone who would like to attend.

I wish Laurence every conceivable success with his writing.



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10 responses to “♥ Afternoon Tea with a Writer

  1. It’s always good to have a recommendation for a book. Thanks for that.

  2. It sounds like a great read.

  3. OO you are seriously connected! I love a good read..I will tell my NZ connections to goand get a copy for me! Anything that will keep you up til two, reading, sounds good to me! I know those books! c

  4. I love a good read too. Thanks C for your comment and hope all is well on the farm tonight.

  5. Marvelous! I wish Cousin Laurence all the best with this impressive launch. And I thank you for sharing the heads-up. I know Richard and I will be excited to read it as soon as we can lay hands on a copy (thanks for the Amazon info)–it’s the kind of suspense/thriller we both enjoy immensely. And how delightful for you to be able to share this excitement of your cousin’s success with him and his wife (over a gorgeous tea, if that’s what’s pictured here!)–isn’t it lovely to have family members we’re so proud of and can introduce to the wider world?? Cheers!

  6. Thanks Kathryn for your comment and for your good wishes to Laurence. Yes the afternoon tea pictured was the one I had when I visited my cousin; it was delicious. I hope that you enjoy the book.

  7. Congratulations to you cousin. That is amazing to not only have your first book published but also to score a 3-book deal with a great publisher. I’ll look forward to seeing the book here on the shelves in Australia.

  8. Hello Charlie Louie and thanks for your comment. Yes it is pretty amazing. A belated Happy New Year; I think you arrived in 2012 hours ago!

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