♥ Out Walking

sea walk

Yesterday, knowing that today is the longest day, I briefly considered that I might get up this morning pre-dawn and go out with my camera seeking pictures of daybreak. Very briefly! Laziness won and the anticipation of a full eight hours sleep totally trumped the idea of clambering, bleary-eyed, out of bed at some ungodly hour this am.

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♥ The Streets of Dublin: Ely Place

dublin's ely place

When I drive into the centre of Dublin, Ely Place is one of my preferred parking spots so over time I have got to know it well. It’s nicely tucked away, yet central as it’s a mere stone’s throw from Dublin’s St Stephens Green and from one of the city’s main shopping arteries: Grafton Street. It’s lined either side with charming Georgian buildings and as city streets go it’s not long but there is a surprising amount one can do there.

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♥ So pleased …

yellow flowers

Filling in the online application was as easy as gliding down an oiled slide. I was applying for a place, at a College of Further Education, to do a year’s full-time course in photography: the college’s website said that selection was by interview and I knew that was going to be the difficult bit.

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♥ Blog On …


To blog or not to blog that is the question. When I set up Just Add Attitude I didn’t have an iota of a notion whether I would simply write four or five posts and then stop, or if I would continue jogging along the blog route ad infinitum.

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♥ Dublin: Scout

essex street west temple bar

Wendy Crawford has had an insanely busy year. She opened her shop Scout, a new and most welcome addition to the Dublin’s independent retail scene, in March just a scant few weeks after she got married. Incidentally and veering totally off topic there are some lovely images of Wendy’s wedding on photographer Doreen Kilfeather’s blog. They are gorgeous pictures but I did sigh while admiring them as I realized the vast depths of photographic knowledge I have yet to plumb.

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♥ Lately …

plant fair at kilruddery

Lately has been all about my house and garden.

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♥ Breakfast at Brother Hubbard

capel street cafe brother hubbard

I had heard a lot about Brother Hubbard a café on Dublin’s Capel Street, all of it good, but I had not sampled even a cup of coffee there before this weekend

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♥ In the Garden


Lately I have neglected the blog in favour of doing some gardening. Now, my garden is an atom of a thing as it is truly pocket-handkerchief size, so it’s hard, in retrospect, to credit that doing very little to such a tiny space took up a vast amount of time. Admittedly a lot of that was thinking time: pondering what plants to buy, wondering were in the tiny space to put them, and trying to figure out by reading plant information labels at garden centres which were the best buys in terms of colour and longest flowering times.

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♥ Positive Eating: Dr Coy’s Health Foods

dr coy's

I am not fanatical about my diet but in the main I try to eat in a healthy fashion so I aim to fill my shopping basket mostly with wholesome foods. There are certain items that I buy on repeat but I am willing to experiment.

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♥ Happiness

sea at night

One of the things I wrote about in the early days of JAA was the then just-launched Action for Happiness movement in the UK (click here to read the post). I heard this morning, via Twitter, that Action for Happiness is three years old today.

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